July 09, 2015

How java women at indonesia get diet? part 1

Java island is one of the areas in the country Indonesia. Java has a rich culture, including in this case the richness of ancient recipe. Java is a human person who has the wisdom to live life as a path to God unanimously and intact. This is reflected in the way of life that always preserve life on earth, and keep the peace between people by referring to the "mamayu hayuning bawano". Means human must take care the environmental sustainability as part of a way of life towards God.
back to the topic today is how women diet Java.
one way is to use herbal media. Are herbs? is a traditional herbal drink from natural materials. herbs commonly used are:

How to Make Turmeric Herbal Acid ( jamu kunyit asam )
· 500 grams of turmeric which is quite old
· 500 grams tamarind
· 250 grams of brown sugar
· 2 liters of water
· 1/8 teaspoon salt

How to make:

1. Wash turmeric so that no dirt whether it be land or rhizome of turmeric skin aging. Suggested under running water.

2. Grind saffron with shredded or blended way. Filter results grated earlier by using a cloth and take the juice only by means knead until completely separate juice with pulp

3. Mix the saffron sari was with water, then boiled water extract of turmeric with added ingredients as above (brown sugar, tamarind and salt). Simmer over low heat.

4. After boiling, let cool before ready to drink.

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