November 23, 2013

papaya hehe...

Papaya is one fruit that has extraordinary properties for health of all people . The fruit is easily found in rural areas as well as in traditional markets and modern . The price is relatively cheap , making the fruit can be enjoyed by everyone in various different social classes . The fruit is very tasty to eat when the fruit is cooked . With the texture of the meat is tender and sweet taste , a small child was very fond of this fruit . Papaya fruit also have the privilege to the health of the body there . then , what is distinctive papaya fruit for the health of your body ... ? ? ?

     Companions , health tips . Papaya fruit also known as pawpaw (in Java ) . The fruit is found in many areas of tropical climates . Most of the fruit is an elongated oval shape that can reach the size of 20 inches . Associated with nutritional content , papaya including one complete nutritious fruit . Vitamins A , C , K , E , folate , potassium , and fiber is a nutrient content in the papaya fruit . Health tips will review various privileges associated papaya variety of nutrient content in the fruit . Here are 7 distinctive papaya for your health :
Antidote to Heart Disease . Having a healthy heart is a dream of all people . By regularly consuming papaya helps make organs more healthy heart and avoid the risk of heart disease .
Digestion A More Healthy And Maintained . Digestive organs have a very important role in terms of processing and distributing a variety of food nutrients throughout the body . The content of fiber , vitamins A , C , E and beta - carotene in papaya works to nourish organs and able to minimize gastrointestinal cancer in your colon .
Better eyesight . During this time , maybe carrots is considered one of the best food for eye health support . However , in fact , papaya is also very good for your eye organ . This is because , papaya contain vitamin A which is quite high as well .
Prevent Prostate Cancer In Men . For the men who want to avoid the type of prostate cancer , begin to consume fruit is oval . Because the papaya fruit contain lycopene which serves avoid prostate cancer in men .
Improve Immune System . The content of vitamin C is high enough in papaya can help maintain and improve the immune system of a person . Thus, the body does not get sick though weather conditions often change secarat erratic .
Staged defecation . By providing papaya fruit as your diet daily , then the problem of constipation or difficult bowel movements will not be encountered or suffered by you .
Various protective From Free Radicals . The air we hirups every day was mixed with various substances that can reduce free radicals and endanger the health of one's body . By eating a papaya fruit is able to protect the body from harmful free radicals

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