November 22, 2013

Healthy Diet

To help you to stay healthy and slim every day , then today's article will explain the 10 best foods to choose from . A doctor named David Grotto been researching foods - these foods .
When lunchtime arrived , usually people - men or maybe even you were confused want to eat what food these days . Right ? ?
A David Grotto has managed to make inferences for the 9 best foods for people who are dieting , and of course the food already contains minerals , proteins , vitamins and low in calories with a certain dose .
Calories : 14 per two cups
Nutrition : Rich in vitamin D , vitamin K , iron , magnesium , manganese and folate .
So is 9 Top foods you can consume each day to supplement the nutrients your body and stay healthy . No need everything you have to eat , but choose foods that you like and want to eat .
Nuts - Nuts .
David stated that the most nutritious nuts are kidney beans . Because these beans contain vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to heart health . Red beans also can satisfy your hunger with a low number of calories .
Calories : 200 per cup .
Nutrition : Rich in vitamin B1 , folate , potassium , magnesium , iron and fiber .
Liquid yogurt that is low-fat yogurt , it contains vitamins and minerals and healthy probiotics . Yoghurt also contains pantothenic acid is beneficial to help increase energy metabolism in the body and also the iodine with a very high concentration . Yogurt is a great source of protein is greek yogurt .
Calories : 140 per cup
Nutrition Rich in vitamin B2 , phosphorus , iodine , potassium , pantothenic acid and calcium .
beef heart
It is very amazing , said David . Beef liver is a gold mine and very good for women who are menstruating because many contain iron . Plus beef liver also contains chromium to help regulate blood sugar and memories with kolinnya .
Even so , it is recommended only consume beef liver once a week because of this low-fat beef heart but contains a lot of cholesterol .
Calories : 137 per 3 ounces
Nutrition : Rich in phosphorus , copper , chromium , biotin , choline , vitamin A , vitamin B12 , vitamin B13 , and niacin .
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Is one of the foods that are low in calories and delicious . The content of salmon in the form of omega- 3 acids are very good for lowering kolesterl and improve brain performance .
Calories : 157 per 3 ounces
Nutrition : Rich in omega - 3 fatty acids , choline , biotin , vitamin D , vitamin B6 , potassium , vitamin B12 , vitamin B3 , and Vitamin B6 .
David Grotto noted that there are different types of mushrooms , such as portobello , oyster , button mushrooms , shiitake , and all the mushrooms are low in calories and full of nutrition . Fungus - the fungus contains vitamin B2 which is very good for the metabolism of fats , proteins and carbohydrates .
Calories : 15 per cup
Nutrition : Rich in chromium copper , pantothenic acid , vitamin B2 , and biotin .
Lobster can make you reason to treat yourself well , but remember not every day . One of the animals that contain a high selenium and zinc that is lobster , but the lobster also has a high sodium content . Recommendation of David Grotto is eating 2-3 times a week .
Calories : 65 per 3 ounces
Nutrition : Rich in copper , selenium , zinc , and pantothenic acid .
Soybeans .
Soybeans has the benefit of lowering blood sugar and cholesterol , and also helps facilitate digestion . Should be taken as much as half a cup every day .
Calories : 150 per half cup
Nutrition : Rich in soluble fiber , unsaturated fats , protein , vitamin B1 , vitamin B2 , omega 3 - fatty acids , phosphorus , iron , and magnesium .
Oysters are the food nutritious and great for people who rarely eat meat and vitamin B12 deficiency . Oysters provide important benefits to the body such as DNA synthesis , red blood cell formation , and neurological function .
Calories : 85 per 3 ounces
Nutrition : Rich in copper , iron , selenium , zinc , and vitamin B12 .
Spinach vegetables .
David said that spinach is a vegetable which is very good for the body calories .. Because spinach contains vitamin K which has benefits for fertility , production of the hormone insulin , bone health and muscle strength .

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