November 24, 2013

geplak is traditional cake from bantul jogjakarta

Geplak is one of the many legendary culinary types can be found in the particular area of ​​Bantul Yogyakarta . Culinary is a type of cake traditionally made ​​from flour dough with grated coconut and sugar so it tastes very sweet with coconut aroma is so thick . Actually Geplak also not only easy to be found in Yogyakarta , because the traditional cake has also been spread across many areas around Yogyakarta or towns in Central Java, including Solo and Semarang are also sold in stores souvenirs . Besides the packaging when buying a cake is also very unique and interesting , because it is packaged in a place that is made ​​of woven bamboo or Javanese get to know as " baskets " .For all of you who are visiting Yogyakarta do not forget to try this unique culinary or we can also make by - family home , because the traditional cake is also very easy to can be found in the area which in almost all over the pastry shop or a souvenir to sell .
Geplak Bantul has roundly shape and besides being sweet , but also their physical appearance is so colorful is also very tempting , so it will make everyone curious to taste it . In addition it is not surprising that such a legendary culinary also well-liked by all people of all circles both children and adults .

There may be some of you who have never tasted the taste of cakes Bantul, Yogyakarta like this , but you yourself also have not had the opportunity to vacation in Yogyakarta while you stay too difficult place to get it . Therefore, if you are really curious there is no harm if you try to make yourself at home .

375 grams of rice flour
250 grams of sugar
1/2 cup of boiled water
1/2 grated coconut then lengthwise
salt to taste

How to Make
First sangrailah first rice flour to dry , then add the grated coconut and stir - stir until blended and set aside
Elsewhere sugar boiled with water to boil and the sugar dissolves then lift
Put coconut batter then stir quickly until sugar palm along really well mixed and thickened
If you already take the dough and then shape round object about the size of a ping - pong ball
Wait for it to cool and harden
Nb : if like when making food can be given a special dye color to taste

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