July 14, 2015

Benefits and how to make degan fuel?

Coconuts are very popular in the world. many benefits of coconut, but the most important is the drug of thirst hehe ... In some areas of the country are found degan fuel Indonesia? degan is young coconut recipe hehe ... Why is favored? because of the unique course but apparently there are some benefits the other, because the fuel adala degan traditional recipes you know ...
Efficacy roasted coconut fruit, among others:

1.Have a property to shed bladder stones and kidney stones
2.Have properties to reduce the risk of stroke for people with high blood pressure
  Can cure colds
3.As a beverage warmers that can increase endurance

Degan processing which burn degan or young coconut on a fire made from charcoal in a large furnace. Regular furnace is made from kerosene drums cut into two equally large. One furnace can 'cook' 5-10 degan at once. In order to more easily flip through degan being burned, on top of charcoal given laiknya woven wire or iron grill skewers. While charcoal is shredded coconut shells. The duration of roasting usually takes up to 3 hours, or can be faster when charcoal is very nice and evenly.

Prepare the ingredients to be mixed in a glass. The ingredients of the mixture, persaji, among others:

1. The original honey from bees 1-2 tablespoons;
2. ginger 1 point;
3. egg chicken chicken  1 or 3 or 5 points. approximated own comparison let me not be too thick. Not to be odd as well unless it believed the myth that eggs must be odd mengonkumsi
4.Can also added original milk-can milk that has been cooked or canned milk. Canned milk enough for 2 tbsp.
Stir well until all the up to blend in perfectly.

Next, peel degan until no visible black crust around his skin. Papas degan to the top of the hole formed in order to freely dredge contents. Enter the ingredients the mixture into the shells. Stir the mixture has been added while the contents dredge excited.

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