October 24, 2014

fruit pudding

ingredients :
Bottom layer :                                                                                      
1 bottle sweetened condensed milk                              
900 mL water                                                              
1 pack white gelatin (white agar-agar)                          
2 yellow eggs, little shake                                            
1 teaspoon essence almond                                        
little vanilla                                                                    

Top layer  :
500 mL water
1/2 pack orange gelatin (orange agar-agar)
4 tablespoon sugar
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon lime juice
 little vanilla

garnish :
grapes red globe and kiwi fruits

How to Cook :
Bottom layer :
1. Mixed milk and water
2. Cook white gelatin with 500 mL water, give little vanilla, milk solution
3. before boiling, put the mixture into yellow eggs, stir and do not clot, and then boiling again
4. lift, after warm give essence almond
5. Pour into serving glasses 1/2

top layer :
1. boiling water, orange gelatin, sugar, salt and vanilla
2. Lift and give lime juice

Manner of presentation :
1. Enter kiwi and grapes red globe into glass contain bottom layer
2. pour into glass top layer. cooling

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