February 02, 2011

kupat tahu one of traditional food from magelang


1. ½ fruit Kupat (diamond), mature
2. 1 piece of tofu, fried, cut into
3. 30 grams of bean sprouts, hot water soak briefly
4. 3-5 pieces of cabbage or cabbage (5 × 5 cm), fry
5. 1 piece bakwan vegetables, cut into pieces

Peanut sauce:

1. 1 tablespoon peanut, fried, minced coarse
2. Cloves garlic 1/8-1/2 putiih
3. Red chili (optional)


1. Sliced celery
2. Fried shallots
3. Shrimp crackers

Kuah sugar:

1. 5 tablespoons brown sugar, shaved
2. 1 bay leaves
3. 1 cm galangal, smashed
4. 70 ml water
5. Salt to taste

How to Make Tofu Recipes Kupat Magelang:
1. Palm sugar sauce: Enter all the ingredients into the pot. Boil until boiling. Remove, let cool. Then strain.
2. Kupat Know: Put the peanut sauce ingredients directly dipiring (select plate thickness to be strong). Ulek garlic, beans and cayenne pepper until smooth.
3. Arrange the pieces of diamond on the seasoning. Add pieces of fried tofu, fried cabbage


  1. wew..mantep resepnya...

    ijin copas resepnya ya mba' andien :D

  2. Ingat kupat tahu dari bayeman.


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